Policy Review Service

A Policy Review is a simple process that involves looking at what Life Assurance, Pension and Regular Savings policies a client has. In particular we look at the following;

  • What level of life cover, Specified Illness cover and Income Protection cover you should have based on your circumstances,
  • The current cost of your insurance as well as the term remaining. This involves doing a price check on your existing policies to make sure you are not paying too much every month.
  • Risk profile and Investment Fund performance check for Pensions and Savings plans. We also look at policy charges and allocation rates of the premiums you are paying (allocation rate refers to the net amount of your premium which is used to purchase units in your policy). High charges in a pension or savings plan can erode a large part of the growth achieved over a long period of time and so it is essential to make sure you are not over paying.

The simple steps involved in a Policy review with Cleere Life & Pensions are as follows;

Step 1 Arrange a Consultation
Contact us to organise a call or a meeting via phone/email. All emails/call will be followed up promptly by our team to make arrangements for an initial consultation. This can be at either in our office based in Kilkenny or at the clients home.

Step 2: Consultation & Needs Analysis
In our initial consultation we will take a snapshot of your existing plans to see if they are doing what they were originally set up to do. We will also check to see will that they meet your financial needs in the future. During this meeting you sign a letter authorising us to get up to date information on your existing policies from the various life assurance companies in order to make sure we are aware of all the benefits that your policies offer you.

Step 3: Comprehensive Review Report
Following our in-depth consultation and needs analysis, we will prepare a confidential report. We compare your existing cover with the cover that you should have or that is available to you at a better price with either the same life assurance company or another life assurance company. This report will also have recommendations for your financial planning based on your priorities and time lines.

Step 4: Meeting & Presentation
We meet with you to talk you through our findings and any recommendations that we might have. It is then up to you to determine whether or not you would like to proceed with our recommendations. Either way, there is no cost to you for this service.

Step 5: Planning Service & Review
Our ongoing expert financial advice continues via quarterly review meetings with your financial advisor. During these review meetings your financial plan and current policies are reviewed in order to ensure that your personal financial plan stays on track.

I strongly recommend that anyone with existing policy's complete a financial review with Gearoid, not only have I saved money with Gearoid but I now know I have put the correct policy's in place to protect my family and I in the future.

Ian, Naas