Your income is your most important asset.

For most of us, our income is our most important asset. You rely on it to fund everything from the food you eat, where you go on holiday, childcare fees and a whole lot more. Because your income does so much for you, just imagine what life would be like without it. Have you given any thoughts to what would happen if you were to suffer any illness, injury or accident that left you unable to earn an income of your own?

With an Income Protection plan your lifestyle is protected. Here at Cleere Life & Pensions we can help you choose a level of Income Protection that fits your lifestyle needs. This will allow you to receive a guaranteed amount of money paid each week until you are fit enough to return to work. Our independence ensures that you will always get impartial advice on which Income Protection provider and policy is best suited to you.

Who should take out Income Protection?
  • If you are self-employed you are unlikely to benefit from sick pay and won’t be entitled to State Illness Benefit, so Income Protection is the best way to protect your lifestyle.
  • If you are employed, company sick pay usually runs out after 6 months and you would then have to rely on State Illness Benefit which is unlikely to support your lifestyle.
How does Income Protection work?
  • You choose the amount of your income that you want to protect – up to 75%.
  • You choose the waiting period after which your benefits apply – usually between 13 and 52 weeks.
  • Receive up to 41% tax relief on the premiums paid.
  • If you then suffer an illness or injury which stops you earning an income, after the waiting period your policy will pay you a replacement income.
  • Guarantee the most competitive premium available between all providers.

I have been a client of Gearoid since he began his career as a financial advisor.Gearoid is extremely passionate about his work, is dedicated and committed to his clients and focuses on tailoring a plan for each person.

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