You may be worried and have every right to be about falling into financial difficulties during the restrictions related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The worry if your income drops due to coronavirus restrictions or you incur unexpected expenses, you may find you don’t have enough to cover your usual outgoings or your usual lifestyle.

It’s a challenging & uncertain time and many people have lots of worries; for themselves, their families, here in Ireland and abroad, their health/ well-being and their finances.

Firstly, your health is your wealth especially in these times, but you also have to look after the finances to ensure your well being is being maintained.

Try not to let the stress you may be feeling about COVID-19 get to you. Try get your walk/run in within the 2km radius, try some new cooking, facetime or call your friends, parents and family. Social Media is there also, but too much is not good for you either!

If you have been affected by a loss of income or think you will be in the near future please do not panic or stress.

We at Cleere Life & Pensions have Qualified Consultants to review your income, outgoings, lifecover, pensions, savings, mortgages. We can carry out a full review and set up a budget plan for you. In all the above mentioned there could be some great savings to be made by reviewing same and carrying out a full review.

We are working hard behind closed doors, call our office on 056 7721854 or 086 4114985 or to book a consultation. We will carry out a review via phone/skype/zoom, set up a plan and make you feel at ease.


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