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Business Protection

Business protection is a way of helping to protect against possible financial losses in the event of the death or critical illness of a business owner or key individual, during the length of the policy. It also pays out if you are terminally ill and meet our definition. It can help ensure that your business survives and continues trading during difficult circumstances.

What’s more, if one of these key people is a shareholder, the remaining shareholders could be forced to buy-out their share, an event that could have serious financial and operational consequences.

With Business Protection in place, your business will be able to withstand the financial and operational consequences that the loss of a shareholder or key staff member could entail.

Cleere Life & Pensions can help and advise you on establishing a robust and comprehensive Business Protection plan which will ensure that your business is no longer vulnerable to the death or serious illness of a key shareholder or staff member and to protect the future of your business.

  • You can take out cover on a standalone basis or as an add-on to a Life Cover or Mortgage Protection policy.
  • You pay a premium which is based on the level of benefit you want, your gender, smoker status, your health status and the length of time you want the cover to operate for.
  • Your policy lists a number of serious illnesses for which it provides cover – these usually include heart attack, stroke and aggressive forms of cancer. This list differs between different providers.
  • Only the illnesses specified in the policy are covered.
  • If you are diagnosed with any of the listed specified illnesses, your policy will pay out a defined lump sum.

What Our

” We are extremely happy with the professional approach, attention to detail, regular updates and advice received. We feel our investments are being personally checked regularly by Cleere Life & Pensions. ”

Adrian & John, Conveyor Solutions, Kilkenny


  • Any business which relies on key people to operate.
  • Any business with more than one director or shareholder.
  • Any business which could see the introduction of a hostile or disinterested shareholder following the death of a share-holder.
  • Keyperson Cover is a Life assurance or Serious Illness policy effected by an employer on the life of a key employee, who may also be a shareholder or director, to protect the company against the financial consequences they would suffer as a result of that individual’s sudden death or serious illness.
  • Partnership Protection – Businesses based on partnership structures are also at risk in the event of the death or serious illness of one of the partners. Such an event can cause financial hardship for the remaining partners and may even result in cessation of the business itself. By having a Partnership Protection Insurance policy in place, you can protect both yourself and your business partners as well as your/their next of kin
  • Corporate Share Buy-Back Protection – this pays a lump sum to allow the remaining shareholders to buy-back the deceased’s shareholding and retain control of the company while the deceased’s next-of-kin get fair value for their shareholding.

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